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Weekend Warriors

The title “weekend warriors” has come to be derogatory. Derived from the military reserves, it now encompasses anyone that has a “regular” 9-5  work week job and then on the weekends engages in activities that are not considered appropriate for an adult or that are extreme or could cause injury.

With obesity, sedimentary lifestyles, and lack of physical socialization (social media-ah the irony) increasing at an alarming rate, the prejudice of those who mock those that want to still compete, play, and enjoy the company of others in physical exercise is unfounded and just plain mean.

These athletes are older, younger, in shape, out of shape, competitive, shy, prideful, insecure, confident.  They are mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, teachers, lawyers, musicians, artists, financiers, students, professionals.  They are not professional athletes, nor ever were.  They are you and me.

The images are the beginning of a larger work that is to explore the “everyday person” in the athletics of their choice that isn’t always viewed upon in a positive light in our society when that participant is an adult.