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People I know

The portraits below represent an ongoing portrait project of my friends and people I have known or know currently that I have asked to sit for me.

My ambition is to capture an aspect of them that the world doesn’t see very often if at all.  I am absolutely intrigued at the human psyche and its endless depths.  My aim is to deliberately not produce what we consider a “pretty” picture, but rather a feeling and mood of that person at that time.

The images are shot with a minimal set-one light, white back drop, the subject and the photographer.  I briefly talk with the subject beforehand and explain my intention and then go to it, each session lasting usually no more than 10-15 minutes.  The trick and real fun is to get past the first layer-their awareness and consciousness of the camera-and let themselves open up to what they want to show in the small time frame we have.

The excitement is capturing that fleeting aspect of them that presents itself, and the trust built to not take advantage of it.