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Email: alex@palombophotography.com

“I’m not a photographer,
I’m a psychologist with a camera”.

The effective photograph doesn’t show the outside so much as it shows the inside.  Who is that?  What do they feel? What do they think?  What is going on?

That is what I want to capture.

It’s capturing that perfect moment because anyone can capture the façade, the expected shot, I want to see what is beyond that, what is inside. I want the meat and potatoes. Simply put, people connect to people. A successful image has to find that connection. Without it, we lose our humanity.

With all that said, I also love competition, and I love to compete. And that is what shooting fashion, fitness, and movement gives me–the challenge of the fleeting moment.  Can I get “the shot”?  Can I get it in under 10 tries?  What about 5?  How about 1?  That is where I excel. The challenge becomes: anticipate the motion, see it, and capture it.

Photography is a platform from which we can communicate.
To collaborate.  To create fantastic worlds. To build a language of imagery that we both can write and share so that others may see our language and be inspired, change their vision, or even just communicate further.

So, whether it is fashion, fitness, portraits, or whatever, I want to shoot great imagery that is more than just a pretty picture.

A few clients I have shot for (partial list): Under Armour, Lubium menswear, Mission sportswear, Prismsport sportswear, Vanilla Star jeans, Seventeen magazine,  Shape magazine, Womans Health Germany, Woman’s Health Australia, Cosmopolitan Italy, Starbene, Health magazine, Wella professionals, JP Morgan Chase

Alex Palombo